Programmes & Services

Case Study Research

Our case study research and the telling of stories of impact serve to connect and inspire people across cultures, generations or circumstance. Stories often present new or different perspectives, encouraging reflection, promoting learning and enabling new forms of practice. By finding the resonant stories of change, of hope and of impact in your circles of activity and influence, we work with you to listen and capture your story at its essence, communicating it in ways that will inspire, inform and ignite others towards their own inspired action.


Policy Research & Design

We undertake research and produce publications to inform and influence public policy debates and to influence policy decision-making for the greater public good.  As importantly we seek to ensure that our policy suggestions emerge out of deep engagement with key stakeholders affected by existing policy. We employ a wide range of research methods and work collaboratively with diverse partners to establish strong collaborations and a wide perspective.  In this way we seek to move from what is to what could be and ensure that policy proposals are practically implementable and that they address barriers to benefit.


Strategic Planning

We work with partners and funders to find the why, what and how to address some of the complex challenges inhibiting sustainable change. Our goal is to design a strategic plan for your impact intention using a results-based approach to programming including a Theory of Change or a Future-Focused Materiality Assessment.  These tools take account of where you want to be and then work backwards to plan what to do and how to get there. This enables both accountability and learning so that you can be responsive and able to achieve your intended impact.

Programme Design

Much of our work is dedicated to creating programmes, courses and curricula to meet specific needs of our clients.  In all cases, careful attention to process and flow are given in order to ensure we tailor programmes to meet multifaceted and often complex, competing needs.  Whether it be a learning journey to convey and experience a specific concept or a seminar based interactive discussion on behaviours and dilemma, our expertise is programme design can assist.


Impact Assessment

Our impact assessment activities assist partners to more formally evaluate the impact of their actions, to understand critical issues of relevance that may have intended or unintended consequences, and to review, refine or refocus programmes where necessary.

Our due diligence processes have led the field of impact assessment and reporting, and provide significant support to both social (grant) and impact investors seeking to identify and vet suitable opportunities for their portfolios.

We use established social research methodologies together with tools we developed in-house over more than fifteen years in the socio-economic development sector. These include both a capacity diagnostic tool and a risk assessment tool that seeks to evaluate factors such as purpose, feasibility, viability, capacity and credibility, of an investment at an organisational and project level. Importantly, our consideration of social impact takes into account the depth, breadth, concentration, urgency, need and permanence of a programme or intervention.


With a well-designed and organised monitoring system, we make sure you are collecting the right data at the right time. Effective monitoring helps to guide programme learning, inform strategic refinements and decision-making, and ultimately be certain that you are achieving the impact you seek. We will work with you and your partners to design solutions and build capacity to ensure that the ongoing measurement is made seamless.