A place where you can share thoughtful, perhaps provocative, perspectives that advance awkward questions at the CoVid Crossroads

The idea of this conversation started from collegiate conversations as the rise and spread of CoVid transformed both the way we lived in the present and the visions we had for the future. It morphed into discussions about whether this pandemic could, in all its destructiveness and in all that it exposes of our fractured societies, offer the potential for a seismic shift in our worldview.

In our exploratory conversations we gave thought to the ordinary things that people in lockdown were doing that they wanted to hold onto, that a “new order” should consider as worth keeping, as providing of sustenance, nourishment, hope, connection and purpose.  Whether it be teaching neighbours how to grow food, cooking bread with children, sewing fallen off buttons on shirts or “mending” things that had been left to accumulate for want of time and attention.

We sought to encourage conversations that could capture the sensemaking and changes that people had made – and that people wanted to retain. We wanted to gain insight into the creative approaches and design ideas for new ways of living and working that would build not only their resilience but also the resilience of those around them.

Rethinking our relationship with nature and the planet means not only rethinking our mindset around the economy and the way we live and work, it requires that we rethink – and even perhaps reconstruct – our mindset about life in its totality: how we live it, how we support it, how we share it.

We believe there is a moment to co-create a shared narrative that collectively determines what is worth holding on to and what we can let go.  This conversation series seeks to engage a wide constituency through an accessible public platform and to explore and reflect the experiences (good and bad), the potential of the time we’re in and the impact of decisions we make moving forward.

With a commitment to an open, inclusive society, this conversation series strives to engage and reflect the diversity of views, voices and experiences that may support, design, create, contest, challenge and regenerate a common future from our collective stories of meaning-making.

The Impact Trust