In 2014, the Trust initiated a collaborative programme to drive greater engagement with the Sustainable Development Goals in the field of education.  The “Routes to Resilience” initiative was established to increase deep understanding and leadership in sustainability principles and systems thinking, so promoting social and cultural change towards more sustainable lifestyles. Routes to Resilience offerings target educators keen to build their knowledge confidence and classroom lesson plans as well as those who are eager to understand more about the principles of sustainability, complexity theory and systems thinking in order to think, lead and live sustainably.  

Routes to Resilience programmes particularly seek to engage youth and young professionals at critical decision points in their career path, whether in high school or in gap year / pre-U programmes. Our engagement with leadership in educational institutions occurs at all levels to encourage both personal and continued professional development as well as place-based transformation towards sustainability, enabling pedagogy to be informed by place and practice. Such initiatives are catalytic in creating place-based, real-life learning opportunities that inform school and curriculum policy, classroom practice, and the integration of sustainability principles across subject disciplines.

Routes to Resilience programmes have been developed in collaboration with the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, South Africa and an active advisory board of thought leaders, practitioners, academic institutes and policymakers from around the world.


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