In a rapidly changing world, the ability to unlearn, to relearn, to be agile, responsive and positive about change is going to be crucial for success.  This is most especially true in the workplace where technological advancements are so rapid that an employee’s ability to maintain relevance depends on adaptability, flexibility and a growth mindset.

The Trust is working with key partners to develop a measure of an individual’s FutureFitness – a quotient to provide an indication of the ability to adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing environment. FutureFit Intelligence seeks to go beyond IQ and EQ which are already accepted as important contributors to successful engagement in the world and so incorporated as a critical part of education and personal development curriculum and skills development efforts.

Amid “the Fourth Industrial Revolution”, role redundancy will demand flexibility, agility, and willingness to retrain and redefine one’s self and one’s work. In such a rapidly changing world, “sustainability intelligence” will be crucial to success and is central to the FutureFitness quotient.

Sustainability intelligence seeks to understand the complexity and interconnectedness of systems, the power of natural system feedback loops and the importance of inclusivity and diversity to resilience.  If we want to educate the next generation of participants in the socio-economic system, we have to prepare them for what is needed. With the world rapidly changing, they are going to need to be adaptable and more resilient. They will not need to learn facts, they will need to learn “how to”, how to learn, how to be curious, how to question what they are presented with, how to solve complex problems and how to adapt.

The FutureFit Quotient seeks to identify the typologies, strengths, potential and theory of practice to enable growth and resilience for individuals.  Considering how the quotient can support success in the world of work and, most importantly, drive change in education curriculum to value and “teach to” the need to develop FutureFitness is a key component of the work.

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