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Impact Trust is a Public Benefit Organisation that works with clients to further sustainable development. We do this by designing programmes and strategies that connect the “want to” & “need to” with the “how to”. Our clients range from companies, schools, government departments, academia and civil society organisations.  

With a track record spanning more than two decades in the development sector, our team are trusted impact advisors, thoughtful researchers, creative policy contributors and effective programme design and facilitation specialists.





Inspiration lies at the heart of innovation. It is fuelled by sharing viewpoints and perspectives, by bringing together people from diverse backgrounds and experiences, and by listening, deeply.

We have a long history of inspiring innovation, convening conversations, collaborating and co-creating programmes for the greater good. We curate experiences, host thinking partner conversations and formulate policies and programmes that further personal and professional development practice in pursuit of sustainable development goals.

Our immersion learning journeys and shared thinking events foster deep commitments to development and change in policy and practice. Outcomes are typically evidenced at all levels: individual, organizational and systemic.

We are currently engaged in a policy and practice design initiative focused on future fitting education for life-long learning. By bringing thought and practice leaders together, we hope to challenge and harness divergent thinking, distil key messages and ultimately turn ideas into policy and practical action.


Knowing what difference you are making, personally or professionally, in the lives of others is crucial for sustained active engagement in change-making practice. We help clients understand and value the social and environmental profit of their actions through our holistic impact assessment services.

We strongly believe in the power of stories to bring to life the meaning and richness of qualitative change and provide personal and community narratives that offer a powerful means of both communicating and deeply listening. But we also appreciate that measuring the nature, extent and scale of your impact on broader society is as important to quantify. We do both.


The concept of a “value-action” gap is well documented. Research shows that often, despite our best intentions, our deep understanding of “why” we want to act, and an authentic desire to commit to a purpose beyond our own organisational gains, we don’t know what to do or how to start doing it.

Whether a personal project or CSR programme, we work with you to find the what and how to that will support your sense of purpose and help you manifest your intention with an informed strategy and inspired, practical action to achieve measurable impact.


Case Study Research

Policy Research & Design

Programme Design

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For more than two decades we have been leaders in social and impact investment practice. Our leadership team has pioneered and led seminal efforts to build social, financial and impact investment opportunities in unlisted, high-impact SMEs and social businesses in South Africa and around the globe. We have led dedicated policy and programme research and advocacy initiatives aimed at addressing the barriers to sustainable development. As importantly, we have created the channels to connect communities to capital and capital to change.

Our more recent work has focussed on driving innovation in education policy, curriculum and classroom practice for all ages and stages of learning. This is founded upon a similar vision of, and commitment to, a more resilient and sustainable future that necessitates the foundational achievement of SDG Goal 4 and its commitment to the provision of relevant, life-long opportunities to learn and relearn, so building adaptability and resilience.

Creating The Nexus For Impact Investing: A Case Study (Nexii)

A case study that takes an in-depth look at the ground-breaking work of Nexii, an award-winning social enterprise dedicated to establishing a social investment model beyond traditional philanthropy.

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Opportunities for Impact Investing In South Africa: Preliminary Findings (SAIIN)

Our seminal research into the market for impact investment in South Africa led to the creation of the South African Impact Investing Network.

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Convening at Bellagio to design a global social stock exchange

Our international review of the demand for and regulatory requirements for investment platforms to support social businesses led to the creation of the approved rules for a regulated impact investment exchange board with the Stock Exchange of Mauritius.

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Guide To Finance For Social Enterprises in South Africa (Greater Capital)

Developed by Greater Capital, this guide provides social enterpreneurs in South Africa with a detailed guide to securing finance in South Africa. Impact Trust Director, Tamzin Ractliffe, was the conceptual designer and a key contributor to this guide.

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Our research, conducted in consultation with South Africa’s National Treasury, into tax and regulatory policy frameworks that would support the growth of SMEs and social businesses in South Africa, was included and approved in the 2013/2014 National Budget and saw the formal establishment of the SiMODISA Start-Up entrepreneurs network.

Model & Appetite For A Debt Fund To Support SME Lending In South Africa (USAID)

An assessment and analysis of the demand for and structure of an SME debt fund in South Africa using the Credit Guarantee of a Global International Development Financing Institution.

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The Divestment Campaign - A Just Response To Climate Inaction

This report commissioned by considers the case for divestment from fossil fuels in South Africa and reflects on the barriers to change.

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Our team is agile, multidisciplinary and award-winning with an extensive track record in philanthropy, social development and entrepreneurship, impact investment, social finance, public sector policy and the private sector.  

We are supported by a diverse group of industry-focused expert consultants – in education, sustainability, futures thinking and place-based transformation. 




Our innovative thought leadership in social development and impact investment policy and practice is evidenced in the creation of the GreaterCapital / GreaterGood Group, one of the ten most trusted non-profits in South Africa and in the establishment of the South African Impact Investing Network in 2009.  

We led the first convening of global actors and stakeholders committed to the growth of the impact investment sector and established the first publically regulated social stock exchange board, creating Nexii and the Impact Exchange (iX), in partnership with the Stock Exchange of Mauritius in 2011.

In 2013, Nexii merged the iX with IIX Asia to drive efficiency and scale.  In 2016, GreaterCapital was acquired by AMSCO and subsequently became GreaterImpact. Since 2015, the Impact Trust has continued with its work from a more global base in both South Africa and the UK.